GROWLER GRLZ 1 Year Anniversary | May 16th 2015


We had to cool our heels in hiatus there for a little while for a bit of  recouping and regrouping but its obvious that 2015 is the right time to get the juices flowing and the Mind's A Blowing again..that's right all of you celestial seekers and cosmonauts, TELEPATHIC PRODUCTIONS is back to do you in the earhole all night long!!

Following forays onto tropical shores of the Subcontinent and beyond, we figured it was about to time to swing through your neck of the woods and PEEL THAT DOME like you haven't had it done since our last Magickal merger.

First up, we are gonna ease into this venture with our old friends Yesterdays Gravy at Growler Grlz Craft Beer Tasting Room Anniversary Party in  Durham NC on May 16. Let's all meet up in person and we can discuss the NEXT LEVEL experiment there! Much Love